6 Tricks That Can Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism With These Tips

Often time, in a bid to losing weight, you try so many activities like eating less and moving more says Drench Fitness. Despite all these efforts of yours, you still lose little or no weight. And you wonder how? Based on my years of experience and counsel, weight loss is more than the calculation of the intake of calories and the usage of calories. Metabolism does count.

Metabolism on its own is the chemical process that occurs in living thing resulting to the breakdown of various substances (food intake) into usable energy for the cells. It has been discovered that when you feed your body less energy than it uses in a bid to reducing your calories intake, your body metabolism will naturally begin to burn less energy. This is because your metabolism has been programmed to maintain homeostasis by balancing the energy input and output. You can however speed it up with the following tricks:


It is no news that a whole lot of people does skip breakfast, however this practice has been noted by experts to be capable of slowing down one’s metabolism. Breakfast is needed to activate one’s body metabolism, but if we do not eat breakfast, how can the metabolism be activated at that particular time? To speed up this process and to activate it, you need to take breakfast.


Another main thing you can do to trick your metabolism to act faster is by exercising your body. The body organs and systems respond favorably to exercise as it has been noted that an individual who exercises his/her body tends to reduce weight and has a more increased metabolism than those who doesn’t. Experts have noted that anyone who exercises his/her body tends to burn more extra calories than those who doesn’t. Although, exercise is good for the body, it is more advisable to be done with some breaks.


Muscle has been noted by experts to be able to use up more calories than fat, even when you are not working out. Since muscles are important energy burner, it is important for you to build muscles in order to help speed up your metabolism to be faster. To build your muscle, you need to eat a food that is rich in protein.


Green tea stands tall among other form of beverages as the healthiest on earth due to its constituents. It is proven that the tea is packed with a lot antioxidants and nutrients like catechin which have strong effects on the human body. Effects embedded in green tea include cancer risk reduction, brain improvement and above all, metabolism improvement.


Research has shown that an individual with high consumption of omega 3 will less likely resist the message of leptin which has been linked to how fast fat get burned. It helps regulate the body metabolic processes and reduces inflammation in the body. For this reason, you need to eat foods that are rich in this supplement and these include salmon, herring, and tuna among others.


Processed food has been scientifically linked to a type of fat called “trans fats”. Trans fats or trans fatty acids are an industrially made form of unsaturated fats which are uncommon but are usually found in processed (fast) food. It is known that this fat slows the rate of metabolism in the body. It is thus advisable to go for a fresh food instead of a processed food or to cut down your processed food consumption for the benefit of your body metabolism.

Who’s Your Perfect Personal Trainer?

5 Step Guide To Finding Your Perfect Personal Trainer

Your weight loss or fitness journey has not been an easy one! You have tried weight loss supplements and steroids. Believing it’s the fastest way to get in shape. But these drugs only worsen your health and they have little to no results. So you decide to drop them. Then the best solution presents itself in the form of a personal trainer. You give personal training a shot. But after all those gym sessions, nutritious diets, and home workouts, you still see no change. Obviously, you’re doing the best on your part. But what’s wrong?

Well, the answer is right in front or beside you. Yes, your personal trainer! That guy you have invested your time and money on is just playing games with you. And it’s about time to get another fitness instructor or say goodbye to your fitness journey.

To avoid a similar situation you’ll need to get a trainer who’s perfect for you. How? Well, follow this 5 step guide and land your dream personal trainer.

Step 1: Know your goals

Regardless of what led you to start personal training, whether it was to build muscle, lose weight, improve flexibility or increase speed, knowing why you want to work with a fitness instructor will help simplify the process of finding the perfect one.

Before you hit the gym or sign up for any training session, know what you are aiming for out of the experience. An exceptional personal trainer will hear out your interests, concerns, and gauge your personality to identify if he is the right match for you.

Step 2: Decide where you want to train

A gym is likely the best place to train. It offers more class options. Equipment. The opportunity to work out alone. And one membership with various locations. But larger gyms tend to be overcrowded, especially during peak hours.

On the other hand, privately owned gyms and smaller studios in your locality may offer you a more convenient and flexible schedule to train. However, for more comfort and convenience you can opt for mobile personal trainers.

Step 3: Research personal trainers

Now that you know where and why you want to work out, you can dig deeper into who you think fits the bill. Checking personal trainer bios on gym and studio websites is a good place to start. Check whether their credentials and experience align with your goals. Personal training Adelaide is a competitive market and it’s essential you do your research prior to selecting your trainer.

Obviously, you want a trainer who fits your needs. For instance, you don’t want to get stuck up with a weight-lifting coach while you only want to lose weight.

Step 4: Test the waters

Don’t base your decision on credentials. Even a coach with the best credentials can fail to match your personality and goals. Instead, call or book a consultation with the trainer you are interested in.

Ask them how they would train you and determine if their plan aligns with your current goals. Most consultations are free and last about 15-20 minutes.

Step 5: Give feedback and communicate

Finding a trainer is just part of the process. Once you find one, you should work together to set realistic fitness goals, which can be evaluated throughout your fitness journey. And the secret to this is good communication.

Be open about what works – and what isn’t working for you. A good personal trainer will help redesign your training program for better results.

Your Personal Trainer Border Town – Pick One You’re Comfortable With In The Mix

What will your relationship with your personal trainer be? That’s a tough question to answer. First of all, the personalities of clients such as yourself will run the gamut from the introverted and shy person who never expresses their feelings to the guy or gal who knows everything and likes to make sure everyone knows it. For the personal trainer to be able to get their job done, they have to be able to effectively deal with all types of personalities. Not just get along with them, but get the results they desire.

And while personal trainers should have certain qualities such as compassion, tact, good communication skills, and health and fitness knowledge, their personalities will also vary greatly. Some are effective with a somewhat reserved, matter-of-fact manner, while others are more in-your-face gung-ho types.

So with the variation in personalities that exists in both personal fitness trainers and their clients, it’s not possible to give an exact definition of what their relationship will be. However, there is one main point you need keep in mind when it comes to the subject.

You have to be comfortable with your trainer. Why? Because you need to be able to be truthful with them. If he asks you how you feel after the last workout, you need to be able to admit it if your legs are stiff or your bicep hurts. That way, he’ll be able to make adjustments to keep you moving towards your goal. If he puts a hundred pounds on a bar and asks you how it feels, you need to be able to admit “I can barely move it”, rather than “no problem, I can handle it”. Once they see your form (or lack of it) as you attempt to perform the exercise, they’ll know you were less than truthful – but by then you may already have an injury. Why chance it?

This is one reason why choosing an attractive member of the opposite sex (or whichever sex you’re attracted to) for a personal trainer may not be a great idea. While it may help to motivate you to show up for appointments, it may also lead you to try to impress them on a regular basis, which will impede your progress. This does hold true more for men than women, but the gals aren’t immune to it.

Same thing with nutrition. If the trainer comes to your house for workouts, and she finds the remnants of a half-gallon of ice cream in your freezer, you need to be able to be truthful about why it’s there. If you blame it on your kids when the truth is that you were scarfing it down last night, then the trainer may make unnecessary adjustments in your diet in an attempt to get results when the original plan was just fine – the problem was just your lack of adherence.

Your personal trainer Border Town is going to know a lot about you. They’ll see you succeed and they’ll see you fall flat on your face (figuratively, I hope). They’ll know your vital statistics and they’ll see more of your body than most of your friends and maybe even your family. They’ll know what your body image is, and the level of your self-esteem. Therefore, take some time when choosing in order to put the odds in your favor that your relationship with your personal trainer will be a positive one.